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Welcome to La Bella Italy

Italy is the home of Agriturism and more recently the Albergo Diffuso or 'widespread hotel'.

Agriturism is a subsidised holiday industry to support small family farms and vineyards, created with European money which provides grants to convert buildings on the farmland into high class accommodation that can then supplement the owners' income.
Amazing holidays you will love and savour are available in Tuscany, Umbria, Sicily, Lazio and all other regions of Italy.

Agriturism gives you all the freedom and relaxation that you expect with country living - yet it can be remarkably sophisticated if you want it to be. It is the natural choice for those seeking to experience the real Italian countryside, while still being close to attractive and historic towns with their bustling piazzas and stunning fashion shops, not to mention those intimate pavement trattorias and delicious Italian cooking.  

It is a holiday that gives you the chance to experience and be a part of the real Italy and not just be another tourist. This type of travel benefits real Italians not multinational companies and supports life and the rural economy.

Properties range from simple but clean apartments to the extravagance of 5 star luxury villas with pools, extensive terraces and even maid service. The appeal, in part, is in the sheer variety, individuality and choice. This is top class living from the smallest properties to the largest, the simplest to the most indulgent.


The Albergo Diffuso, an innovative concept of hospitality, was launched in Italy in the early 80's as a means of reviving small, historic Italian villages and town centres off the usual tourist track. Almost impossible to translate literally into English, the “widespread hotel” is conceived as a hotel that is not in a single block, but converted out of various historic buildings in a small community. It has to conform to the following requisites:

1) Run directly by an individual owner and providing normal hotel services

2) Rooms distributed in existing converted buildings in historic centres

3) Central reception area with cafe and food available

4) Part of a genuine community so that guests can be part of local life



Simply put, a "diffuse hotel" is one where there is a central reception desk, but not a single building housing the hotel. Instead, the hotel's "rooms" are scattered around a neighborhood or entire town.

The person living next door to you might be another tourist, but could just as easily be a local Carabinieri officer, or the guy who runs the shop downstairs, the barrista from the cafe the corner, or a little old lady who sits in her doorway, shelling peas or knitting, blessing you with a wide smile each time you pass.


Try might fall in love -  we can promise you a feeling of freedom, relaxation and the opportunity to savour all that is best about Italy today!


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